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Frequently asked questions

What is Always Here?

Always Here offers mental health and wellbeing support for families via two unique mobile applications. Always Here Parents and Always Here Kids apps work together to help families understand and manage the ups and downs of preadolescence and adolescence.

What do we mean by wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the embodiment of social, emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing - not merely the absence of disease or mental illness. It is a state in which people are able to develop purpose and meaning, experience positive emotions and feelings, strengthen self-esteem, communicate positively and effectively, and build healthy relationships and social connections.In short, being well means that we are feeling good, and functioning well.

What regions is the app available in?

The togetherAI app is available globally, however at this stage the app only features English as an available language.

What devices and operating systems do the Always Here apps work on?

Always Here Kids and Always Here Parents are designed for mobile and tablet devices. We provide support for and recommend using the following operating systems:

• Android running OS 8.1 and newer
• iPhone running iOS 14.1 and newer

The togetherAI app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play stores.

Why do children need the Always Here Kids app?

We've heard from a lot of kids who are looking for the help Always Here Kids is designed for. Here are a few examples of what we're hearing from them:

“I’m hoping this can help me with how angry I feel right now. I need advice.”

“I need help with all my anxiety. I feel very sad and stressed.”

“Hi. I’m finding it difficult trying to tell my parents how I feel.”

“I know this is dumb but I get anxiety at school after eating.”

“I think I have depression, but I’m not really sure. And I think I need help.”

“Hi. I want to talk about my feelings PLS. I need to talk.”

“It’s really nice to have a little friend check in on you every now & then.”

The Always Here apps use a strengths-based approach to wellbeing and mental health, which has been prepared and curated by our team of healthcare professionals and specialists. With a focus on positive emotions, healthy relationships, coping strategies and communication, we’ll help you to teach your child about themselves and to better connect with the world around them.

What support is offered?

Our wellbeing and healthcare professionals have created programs to help support kids and improve family communication and connection.

Through the app, we provide guides, tips and other materials to parents and kids on a range of topics about or associated with mental health and wellbeing.

How do the Always Here apps differ from other mental health and wellbeing apps?

Always Here is designed for families. Instead of focusing purely on one user, we've built an app for Kids and an app for Parents with the aim of helping all family members connect, talk and grow together. We focus on the support and development of mental health and wellbeing of kids, parents and families, not just monitoring and blocking devices and access.

Who is the app for?

The Always Here apps are for families who need help talking, understanding each other, and managing the growing-up journey.

Thousands of families have asked us for help:

• Communicating with their kids about challenging issues, life situations and experiences.
• Controlling and understanding emotions and habits.
• Understanding what their children are thinking and feeling.
• Accessing the exact information they need to help their kids at the right time.

Using real-time insights, our wellbeing Companion provides 24/7 support for Kids to talk and open up about their feelings and emotions, and our human LiveChat Counselors offer extra support in moments of distress and struggle.

Do you work with professionals and health care experts (doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists)?

Yes we do. We have a network of third-party health professionals and medical specialists who are continually growing and diversifying our partner and expert network.

How do you help children and their parents to be well?

We take a strengths-based approach to wellbeing, which means that we help children and their families to learn about themselves, about wellbeing, and provide the support and resources required to make individuals and families feel empowered.

Strengths-based approaches value the potential of individuals and their communities.

Focusing on strengths doesn’t mean that challenges are ignored.

A strengths-based approach leads to individuals feeling empowered, meaning that the individual is more likely to maintain a state of positive wellbeing.

What are some things parents are looking for in the Always Here Parents app?

We receive a lot of messages from parents and caregivers who are looking for the services Always Here Parents provides. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from parents:

“I want to have better communication with my child.”

“I want to know what my kids are feeling and thinking.”

“Hoping to learn more parenting techniques.”

“I need help talking with my 10 yr old about his feelings. We've always been very close and had good communication, however since the pandemic and multiple lockdowns and virtual schooling it's gotten really challenging.”

“I wish I knew what my kids are doing with their friends.”

“I want to support their mental health by giving them someone to go to if they aren’t comfortable coming to me.”

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